Sysload: Portal database size
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Sysload: Portal database size


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CA Automic Sysload


Activating MIN and MAX collection can sometimes triple the size of the database. If you do not use this data, we recommend that you disable them.



Sysload Portal


Collect Min & Max 

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Portal - Min & Max

This column enables you to select "Yes or No" for collecting minimum and maximum values. By default the value is set to "No". 

Additional Information

Important: If you a create a report/dashboard that uses min and max values and you have not enabled collect Min & Max, Sysload Portal will still provide a value. However because this value is taken from the average table in the database, its accuracy may be interpreted questionable. If it’s important for you to have the correct value enable Min & Max.  

Note: By setting all Min/Max values to "Yes" your collection period may take longer, the size of the Portal database will increase and this may increase network usage. 

Please refer to the documentation for more details



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