z/OS 2.2 PTF UA96477 Holddata
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z/OS 2.2 PTF UA96477 Holddata


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ESP Workload Automation


z/OS 2.2 IBM PTF UA96477 Holddata

We are being asked to check with our vendors about the above PTF HOLDDATA so I picked ESP but really need to know if I should check for all our CA products. Please let me know if this will impact ESP or any other CA product. Here are the details of the HOLDDATA: Software must no longer reference the IHAPSA field PSASTAK. With this PTF, PSASTAK is no longer the beginning of the normal FRR stack. PSACSTK is an existing pointer to the beginning of the normal FRR stack. Software that references PSASTAK must be converted to use PSACSTK as the pointer to the normal FRR stack. 1 Apply service as noted in the dependency hold and any related service from Independent Software Vendor products to correct references to PSASTAK. Thanks, Donna


Component: ESPWA


Development evaluated the ICN document from IBM regarding this change and it is safe for you to install this PTF. ESP is not affected by this change as it references proper fields already.