Deleting Endevor backup members in remote data sets
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Deleting Endevor backup members in remote data sets


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We generate the programs in one LPAR and ship the programs over to another LPAR.
When we Commit a package, the backup members prefixed with a dot get deleted from the local data sets.
When do the backup member get deleted in the production LPAR.


All supported versions of CA Endevor


The backout (.dot ) members are not shipped to the remote system.

If a package is backed out on the local system, the newly created modules are renamed to a new Backin .dot member and the backout members are renamed back to their actual names again. When the backed out package is shipped to the remote, the members with the actual name are shipped to the remote system data sets replacing the new version of the modules.  

There should be no backout .dot members in the remote libraries. If there are .dot members in the remote libraries, the most like explanation is that the library was copied from the local system to the remote system and the .dot members were in the library when it was copied. 

The backout members in the remote library need to be manually deleted from the remote library.