Need computer label to be primary DNS name.
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Need computer label to be primary DNS name.


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Need to assign Label field with a value from PrimaryDNSName.

Capture Problem / Question: Need computer label to be primary DNS name. OS: Windows 2012 Product Version: 4.2 Recent Changes to the environment: NA Customer Environment (Production or Test): Production


SOI 4.2


We need to edit the spectrum_policy.xml and add the following section to any classes you want the primaryDNSName value as the label. 

<Field conditional="PrimaryDnsName" output="Label" format="{0}" input="PrimaryDnsName" /> 


<EventClass name="ComputerSystem" extends="NetworkEntity"> 
<!-- assign ClassName --> 
<Field output="ClassName" format="ComputerSystem" input="" /> 

<!-- assign correlatable properties, need at least one --> 
<Field output="ComputerName" format="{0}" input="Model_Name" /> 
<Field output="Tags" format="System-Layer-Hardware" input="" /> 
<Field conditional="Vendor_Name" output="Vendor" format="{0}" input="Vendor_Name" /> 
<Field conditional="DeviceType" output="Model" format="{0}" input="DeviceType"/> 
<Field conditional="PrimaryDnsName" output="Label" format="{0}" input="PrimaryDnsName" /> 

<Field type="file" name="ComputerSystem.out" properties="*" /> 
<Field type="publishcache" properties="ClassName,ComputerName,Tags,Model,Vendor" /> 

Once you edit the policy file, you need to uncheck the "performDeltaProcessing" for the Spectrum connector in order to update existing CIs.