Issue running batch files from dirscan probe from mapped dirve
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Issue running batch files from dirscan probe from mapped dirve


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


batch files that execute normally when run directly in windows do not work when initiated from the UIM robot running dirscan.

We see the following in the dirscan log when on loglevel 5
Sep 26 11:02:03:772 [1168] dirscan: Execute U:\BatchFiles\IPSwitch Batch Files\HLAB\affiliateddc-gaia.bat
Sep 26 11:02:03:772 [1168] dirscan: fileExecute - CreateProcess: The system cannot find the path specified.

Sep 26 11:02:03:772 [1168] dirscan: Number command 'U:\BatchFiles\IPSwitch Batch Files\HLAB\affiliateddc-gaia.bat' returned 2



UIM 9.0 and earlier
dirscan 3.15
robot 7.95 and earlier




Mapped drives are per session. Services runs in an isolation session can't access mapped drives in user sessions.

As the directory scan probe runs as a service, it runs in session 0, which is different from the user session. Hence directory scans unable to find the batch file and return error code 2.

Hence due to the above reason, dirscan will not be able to execute the batch file from a mapped drive.

it also can not update or read from a mapped drive during operations.

Currently, there is not an ability to provide a workaround or fix for this.