ITAM - AppLauncher.exe vs EEMCertUtilities.exe
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ITAM - AppLauncher.exe vs EEMCertUtilities.exe


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If one needed to perform a reintegration of EEM or certain maintenance activities, one may be called upon to access the ITAM install media and locate a certain binary from which to run the necessary commands.  The two binaries in question are AppLauncher.exe (14.1 and higher) and EEMCertUtilities.exe (12.9 and earlier).  Both binaries can be found in their respective ITAM install media 

Assuming the install media was mounted in the X drive:
  • EEMCertUtilities.exe is located in the X:\EEMSetup\EEMCertUtilities directory in the ITAM install media (12.9 and earlier)
  • AppLauncher.exe is located in the X:\products\ITAM\Setups\EEM directory in the ITAM install media (14.1 and later)



CA IT Asset Manager 14.1 and earlier.
CA IT Asset Manager 17.1 and later.


In earlier releases of ITAM and APM (12.9 and earlier), this command is known as the EEMCertUtilities.exe command.  An example of such a command execution can be found in this tech doc:

Logging into CA Asset Portfolio Management errors with: You have entered an invalid user name and password combination

Sample command:  EEMCertUtilities.exe
EEMCertUtilities.exe [EEM Host] APM EiamAdmin [EiamAdmin Password] [uapmadmin Password]

In later releases, starting with ITAM 14.1, the equivalent command is AppLauncher.exe.  An example of such a command execution can be found in this tech doc:

ITAM 14.1 - Steps to reset uapmadmin password

Sample command:  AppLauncher.exe
AppLauncher.exe -ProductName=EEM -EEMParameter='-EEMBackend="EEMhostname",-EEMAdminPass="xxxx",-EEMUapmPassword="newvalue",-EEMCasmPassword="yyyy",-DatabaseType="SQL Server",-DBServer="DBhostname",-UserID="sa",-DBName="mdb",-Port="1433",-DBOwner="dbo",-DBPassword="zzzz",-MdbAdminPassword="uuuu",-BundleVersion="14.1"'