Verifying the ManagementModule.xml inside the management module files
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Verifying the ManagementModule.xml inside the management module files


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Although we would recommend to edit management modules only through the UI, it is possible to extract the ManagementModule.xml from the jar file and perform edits there.
Before you apply the changes, it would be wise to verify the XML content against the validation schema before putting the jar file back into the Enterprise Manager.
This is a suggestion of how that could be done.


Relevant for any APM version


The XML validation relies on multiple XSD files.
The main file for most recent versions of the product is IntroscopeManagementModules4.0.xsd. This file has local dependencies on its.xsd,xml.xsd and xlink.xsd
The schemas for older versions of the product are in the same folder. Check the top of the ManagementModule.xml in case it refers to a different version of the schema to use:

All files are provided inside  com.wily.introscope.em_x.x.x.jar , where the x will be replaced by the version of the product you are using.

You can extract the data from the jarfile using the jar command
jar xf  com.wily.introscope.em_x.x.x.jar

This will provide a directory structure to find the files, you will find it based on the fully-qualified name:

So, the folder would be com/wily/introscope/server/enterprise/entity/bundle

For online validation, most sites only accept one XSD file but this site allows you to add XSD files as their dependency is discovered.


Additional Information

As with any other deployment of management modules, you cannot have two management modules with the same name (not just the filename).
So you should remove the existing management module before trying to put the new version into the system

This document does not set out to explain the relationship between the XML content and the features of the management module, i.e. where in the XML document you can edit which feature.
If you want to edit metric grouping expressions, we can only suggest to search the XML file for them and make edits as you require.