Not able to Add machines in OVA environment
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Not able to Add machines in OVA environment


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal


The customer followed the steps below to Add a machine to the Identity Manager Virtual Environment.

We want to add another machine in the existing OVA, and performing below steps: 
1. Login to Machine A dashboard 
2. Go to Setup 
3. Click on Add machine 
4. Provided machine details and selected the components to be installed(same as machine A) 
5. Clicked on Deploy 
6. It goes to Installation page but then it gets refreshed within fraction of second and new machine is not added. 

What do I look for if when trying to add a 2nd machine to my Virtual Environment, it fails immediately ?



CA Identity Virtual Suite 14.x


When connecting to machines together for the Virtual Suite, the times on the machines need to be almost identical.

Here is an Example of the logs if the Date and/or Time is off:

[ERROR] cluster clocks are out of sync! Please set the clocks on the cluster nodes and retry the deployment

deploySolution terminated with exit code 1

Change the Data and Time so the 2 systems match and that should resolve the Issue.

If you are still having issues after changing the time, collect the logs and create a Support case.