Flow statistics No Data after enabling HTTPS
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Flow statistics No Data after enabling HTTPS


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


CA NFA - we have 2 environments: PROD - https implemented TEST - no https implemented, using default http In TEST the flow statistics graphs load correctly. In PROD we're getting the known issue (DE257846) with No matching records found. I have tried using this KB: https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/the-flow-statistics-page-does-not-show-any-data-when-connecting-to-nfa-using-https/kb000004190 although it is not very precise (while the KB is pointing you to line 174 - the whole config file has 174 lines), I have updated the only one attribute I found matching with "security mode" from None to Transport, this didn't help: Old: New: Please advise how to resolve this issue on NFA 9.3.8.


NFA 9.3.8


in fact  , the flow statistic panel is not well displayed also without SSL from the
NFA console server browser (IE 11).

customer forgot to enable some windows server management role features requisite.


enabled windows role features "windows process activation service" in windows server manager