What are the new features of Endevor 18.0?
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What are the new features of Endevor 18.0?


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When upgrading Endevor, customers can jump one or more versions and go directly to Endevor V18.0.

If upgrading from an older version, it is recommended to review the Release Notes for all intermediate versions.

This article gives the list of new features and enhancements for Endevor V18.0.


Releases 18.0



The Enhancements and New Features for V18.0 are documented below;

Remember, if upgrading from an older version, it is recommended to review the Release Notes for all intermediate versions.

If Release Information or notes are needed for versions prior to V18.0, please search for "What are the new features of Endevor" from the Support Portal or contact Endevor Support.

Cumulative List of V18.0 Enhancements
This article lists the product enhancements that were added in each Version 18 incremental release.

Increment 0 (also known as the base release)

  • Type Sequencing
    • Type Sequencing (formerly known as Global Type Sequencing) is required. System-wide type sequencing is no longer supported.
  • External Security Interface (ESI)
    • Functional security requires the External Security Interface. Native security is no longer available.
  • Interfaces to Roscoe, Netman, and Infoman
    • The Interface to Roscoe, the Interface to Netman, and the interface to Infoman are discontinued beginning with V18 incremental release 0.

Increment 1

  • Approver Disqualification option
    • This new option enhances the audit integrity of Packages by preventing Package approvers from approving their own work.
  • Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment (Endevor INE)
    • Element display functionality on various panels is improved. The administrator can use the initialization exit to: set certain default values that appear on the Create Package screen, and set the transfer options that define the Natural utility program used to load and unload Natural objects from Natural libraries.

Increment 2

  • Element action SCL syntax allows blanks in Element and USS names
    • When coding Element action SCL syntax, embedded blanks are allowed in Element and USS file and path names.
  • Alter action field level security
    • The administrator can limit who can perform Alter action updates on Element record metadata depending on which metadata field the user is attempting to update. A new External Security Interface table keyword, ALTERFLD, supports Alter action security at the field level.
  • Web Services
    • The Web Services installation and configuration process has been simplified and provides a process to validate the installation and configuration parameters
  • • UNIX System Services (USS) keywords and field names
    • References to HFS are changed to USS, to clarify that Endevor supports the UNIX System Services (USS) supported file types HFS, zFS, and NFS.

Increment 3

  • Disqualification option for package approver groups
    • The administrator can turn the Disqualification option on or off by approver group.
  • Web Services user validation utility
    • The utility validates the setup and configuration of all parts of Web Services.

Increment 18.0.04

  • Incremental release numbering
    • The numbering scheme for Version 18.0 has been redefined to the format 18.0.xx, where xx indicates the release level. The new format begins with Version 18.0.04. Previous incremental release deliveries (Version 18.0.00 Incremental Release 0 though Incremental Release 3) are not being renumbered.
  • Roll up of already-published feature and service PTFs
    • Version 18.0.04 includes all feature and service PTFs previously published in Version 18.0.00 Incremental Release 0 though Incremental Release 3. Previously, incremental release delivery PTFs (Incremental Releases 0 through 3) did not include the feature and service PTFs from earlier incremental releases delivery PTFs.

Increment 18.0.05

  • Admin action monitoring
    • The administrator can enable SMF recording and real-time logging of administrator actions that affect Environment objects.
  • New documentation
    • A new article, Add an Environment to an Existing Inventory Structure, has been added to clarify an old procedure. This article does not introduce new functionality.

Increment 18.0.06

  • Processor parameter ALLOC=COND
    • This new parameter allows a processor to continue executing when a data set is not found.
  • Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment
    • Widescreen display for API output is supported.
  • Eclipse-Based UI
    • Element view Tool Tips enhancement.

Increment 18.0.07

  • Long-named Elements
    • Mixed-case long-named Elements are supported on the Endevor ISPF panels.
  • Comma Separated Value Utility List Package ID
    • You can list Packages by approver ID.
  • Build Using Map
    • The default behavior has changed for the Build Using Map Selection List option.
  • Eclipse-Based UI Package View
    • A new Package View allows you to display Packages that are defined in Endevor.
  • RESTful API Client Web Services Integration
    • JSON output structure is updated for backward compatibility.
  • New documentation
    • A new article, IT Audit Guidelines , has been added for the IT auditor. This article describes audit areas for an internal audit and provides a checklist for the auditor.


Increment 18.0.08

  • Certain ISPF panels scroll vertically
    • The Add/Update, Retrieve, and Transfer panels can be scrolled vertically, eliminating the need for the action option panel and the inventory location pop-up panels.
  • Quick Edit support for mixed-case long-named Elements
    • Mixed-case long-named Elements can be entered on the Quick-Edit Option Main menu and will display on selection lists.
  • End-to-end USS logging of Package actions
    • This enhancement supports Integration with the product ALC.

Increment 18.0.09

  • Deploy for Test A new feature for Quick Edit lets you deploy Elements from a development sandbox to a test sandbox.
  • Long-Named Mixed-Case Element Support
    • UPPERCASE field added to more action panels.
    • Certain report request panels are updated for long-named mixed-case Elements.
    • ISPF List Elements for batch supports long-named mixed case Elements.
  • Footprint Source Output Member with Generate Time Stamp
    • An Optional Features table, ENCOPTBL, parameter can cause the footprint on the Element in the source output library at the target of a Move action to retain the last generate date and time stamp.
  • List SMF Admin Action Data You can list the SMF record data corresponding to activity related to administrative updates.
    • The new API request and response structures are shown in List SMF Data.
    • The new CSV utility statement is List SMFdata ADMIN OBJECT. For more information, see List SMF Data Function in Comma Separated Value (CSV) Reporting Utility.
  • Web Services RESTful API Client and Eclipse-Based UI
    • Web Services RESTful API Client
      • The Create and Update Package actions are separated into two different REST methods in the RESTful API. The Create Package action uses the POST method and the Update Package action uses the PUT method. The mixed parameters of Multipart/form-data and query are replaced solely by Multipart/form-data parameters for Create and Update Package actions.
    • Eclipse-Based UI Package Create Option Renamed
      • When you want to create a Package, but plan to add the SCL to the Package later, you can select the option Define Package without SCL from the Create Package dialog.
        Previously, this option was labeled Define Empty Package. The functionality has not changed; only the name of the option has changed.
  • Documentation Additions
    • Agile and Concurrent Development Configuration This new article describes the Endevor sandbox development method for concurrent development.This method includes using the delivered generate and delete processors,@GSANDBX and @DSANDBX, which automate the creation and deletion of sandbox Subsystems.
    • IT Audit Guidelines This new video is accessible from IT Audit Guidelines article.

Increment 18.0.10

  • Action panel case-sensitivity option
    • The CASE_SENSITIVITY option for the Element name field on action panels always defaults to Y upon entry into an Endevor session.
  •  Eclipse plugin
    • Local project capabilities are enhanced and usability improvements are added.

Increment 18.0.11

  • Improved Element change level visibility
    • The following two enhancements make it easier to identify Element change levels.
      • Element Delta Levels moved with history
        • An "H" (history) Element change level indicator helps you to identify which change levels were copied as a group during the Move or the Transfer Element action with option "With History".
      • Filtering by CCID in Element change level history (ISPF interfaces)
        • The Apply List Filters option lets you list all the Elements with change levels associated with a particular CCID.
  • RESTful API updates
    • Additional Element actions are supported by the RESTful API.

Increment 18.0.12 GA Complete

  • Activity logging for Webhook support
    • Certain Element actions can be logged to USS files. How to enable the Package logging function has changed. RO93621
  • Intelligent deployment
    • Destination Selection Lists for Package Shipment requests only display relevant destinations preventing shipment failure. RO98877
  • Data Set monitoring with Compliance Event Manager
    • The Endevor administrator can monitor Endevor® SCM data sets for inappropriate access using the Compliance Event Manager PDS Monitor feature.
  • External Security Interface lookaside facility
    • The lookaside (LAT) facility has been disabled and is no longer supported.
  • ISPF panel layout option
    • Users who use long-named Elements and need USS file support must use the long layout. Users who do not use long-named Elements or need USS file support may choose to use the short layout.
  • API and CSV List Element output
    • The file extension value from the associated Element Type record is included in the API and CSV List Element output.
  • Eclipse Based-UI enhancements
    • Various enhancements improve usability and extend functionality.