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NAME field expandable


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


one of our clients needs to have a more detailed description of an acid, and the current 32 bytes of the NAME field of an acid is not sufficient.

Before we consider to add a new User-defined extra field in the FDT, we'd like to ask, whether ther is a possibility to expand the NAME field of an acid to be larger than 32 bytes, for example 50 bytes.

Maybe there is an option, or usermod or FDT-update ?? Many thanks and kind regards, Josef Thaler - ARZ. sysadm.


Component: TSSMVS


There is no way to expand NAME field, because it is part of security record and cannot be expanded.

The only way to add user description is either to use the INSTDATA ffield or create user FDT fields.

Additional Information

See the link below for additional information about the INSDATA field:

See the link below to know how to ADD/REMOVE fields within the CA Top secret File Descriptor Table known as FDT: