Last_successfull_Build not usable
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Last_successfull_Build not usable


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Continuous Delivery Director SAAS


We are trying to use the last_successful_build in a RA process task. In a task in the first phase, it is working fine. But in the following phase (starting automatically) it doesn't start . The task is linked to the correct application in all phase

Continuous Delivery Director comes with two in-built tokens i.e. last_successful_build & last_successful_commit. These tokens control the progress of a new build or commit across the pipeline. Use them in the 'Build / Commit' field of your deployment tasks across all phases. During the first phase, tokens get the new build number / commit ID from your build system or source control. During other phases, tokens get the last successful build number / commit ID from the previous phase


CDD: 6.6, 6.7 and higher


There is some ambiguity in understanding the above details about in-built tokens, which result in confusion. It is observed that most frequently the above is comprehended as "The build tokens passed from the any external build system will be received by all phases of the release"

Please refer the picture below to understand the logical flow of how build tokens propagation will happen during the execution of the release.

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CDD Tokens Propogation

Usage Example

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CDD tokens usage



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