Why does the SRAdmin silent install fail for Linux when following the documentation?
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Why does the SRAdmin silent install fail for Linux when following the documentation?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


There may be a need to use a silent install for Linux, such as needing to install multiple servers without using the GUI or needing to install SRAdmin into a custom location.

When following the documented steps for a silent install of SRAdmin the install fails.

I perform the following command:
./srainstall.bin -f /opt/sp-media/sradmin-properties

With the following lines in my properties file:

But the only files I get in my /opt/spectrum directory is:

4.4M ./sradmin/Uninstall
188M ./sradmin/jre
192M ./sradmin
192M .


Release: 20.2, 21.2, 22.2

Component: SPCCSS - SpectroSERVER Core


One cause for this has been found to be caused by the /tmp file system having the noexec flag set. The installer extracts its files to a temporary folder under
   /tmp and will try and launch the jre installer from there. If the /tmp filesystem has noexec set the execution of the java installer fails.


There is a need to create a temporary installation directory and export it as a variable of IATEMPDIR.

1. Create a temp directory for the installer under another location and assign permissions

cd /opt  (this can be under an area that allows execution with enough space)
mkdir sradmin
chmod 755 sradmin

2. Export the IATEMPDIR variable to the temp location made from step 1.
export IATEMPDIR=/opt/sradmin;

3. You can verify that the variable exists by echoing the variable

Additional Information

Add an env_keep entry to the systems sudoers file allowing the use of the IATEMPDIR for /tmp redirection.

Add a similar entry to the sudoers configuration on the host to allow use of IATEMPDIR. It would look something like this:

  • Defaults env_keep += "IATEMPDIR"