Variables defined in Preconditions are not considered correctly
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Variables defined in Preconditions are not considered correctly


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When executing a job with a variable defined in Preconditions, and subsequently called in script, the job will abort with the following error message. 

FAULT_OTHER - Start impossible. Other error. Last message: U00021719 Syntax error in object 'JOBS.GENERIC.CHECK.FILE', line '00000'. 'U01001308 Variable '<Variable_Name>#' has not yet been defined.'.


Release: 11.2 and superior
Component: Automic Workload Automation


This has been identified as incorrect behavior, and will be fixed in an upcoming release. 


This has been identified for a fix, and will be released with the following components:

Automation Engine 11.2.10 - Released
Automation Engine 12.2.1   - Released
Automation Engine 12.3.0   - Released

Additional Information


In the workflow Object under the "Variables and Prompts" section:

*) Add the <Variable_Name># variable, but without a value. 
*) In addition, ensure that "Inherit from parent" is set to "all variables". 

This way, the variable can be evaluated in the preconditions.