Upgrade to R15 how to know if AD 15.0
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Upgrade to R15 how to know if AD 15.0


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We are a Datacom/AD, Ideal and Ideal for DB2 shop.
Starting the conversion from R14 to R15.
Upgraded a Sysprog test version of Datacom/AD. Followed the procedures using ACTIVE UPGRADE. Following the procedure, I shutdown the R14 MUF and restarted it pointing to R15 load libraries. Jobs all worked, Upgrade job got CC4 but JCL says this is OK.
When I shutdown the MUF and restarted it, I expected to see different startup messages. But startup messages are the same as a MUF running R14 using the R15 load library.

How can I tell that the upgrade really worked? 


z/os, CA Datacom/AD 14.0 upgrading to 15.0


In the MUF start-up messages, you should see the following messages if the MUF is 15.0:
DB00215I - CA Datacom/DB Version 15.0 

DB00212I - CA Datacom SQL Version 15.0  

DB00905I - DIRECTORY (CXX) VERSION 15.0 (+14.0) 


AD 14.0 MUF start-up parameters have not changed with AD 15.0.

Note about DB00905I: 
  • Starting with Version 15.0, the CXX is shared between Versions 15.0 and 14.0 and is therefore not release specific. 

Additional Information

https://docops.ca.com/ca-datacom-ad/15/en for more information