Configure CodeMeter WebAdmin to communicate on a custom port
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Configure CodeMeter WebAdmin to communicate on a custom port


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


We must set up two Concurrent License servers in a secure location. Each server shares an exposed IP Address, which users can communicate to CodeMeter. How can I configure the CodeMeter WebAdmin, on the client side, to communicate to the proper Concurrent License server. For example, our Automation licenses are hosted from a Physical server listening on the CodeMeter default port 22350, while our Workgroup licenses are hosted by a virtual server listening on port 22353. .


Release: Agile Requirements Designer 2.10 and below
Component: ARDOTH


To change the Workgroup clients CodeMeter WebAdmin to communicate on a different port:

  1. Launch the CodeMeter WebAdmin on each of the Workgroup client machines
  2. Select the Configuration Drop-down Menu, and go to the Advanced options
  3. Select the Extra tab
  4. Under the Network Advanced section, click the Edit button
  5. Change the Network Port from the default setting 22350, to the custom port 22353, and click the Apply button to save the changes.
  6. Restart the CodeMeter Runtime Server Service.
  7. Launch ARD, go to the Help tab, and select the License Information
  8. The License Information for AgileDesigner dialog window will open, verify the license is from the correct License Server