How can I see LDAP setting configured in NFA?
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How can I see LDAP setting configured in NFA?


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


How can I verify or update the LDAP settings in NFA?


Release: RAIB1H99000-9.3-Network Flow Analysis-Interface Bundle-Hardware


1. RDP to the NFA Console server.

2. Go to the \CA\NFA\Portal\SSO\bin\ directory and double click the SsoConfig.exe

3. Select option #2 for NFA. 

4. Select Option #1 for LDAP Authentication. 

5. If these settings were pushed down initially from CAPC this section should show you the settings that NFA is using for LDAP and it should match what was in CAPC. 

6. If you configured LDAP directly in NFA, you may have to hit option number 2 for "Local Override" to see what was manually set in NFA. 

7. If you would like to update one of the settings select the number next to the setting you are looking to update, and click "u" for update, and enter the value.

8. You can enter "b" to go back to the main menu and select option #5 if you want to Test your LDAP settings.