JasperSoft 6.2 License Expiration
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JasperSoft 6.2 License Expiration


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CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server 6.2 license expired on October 1st, 2018 as per the following CA Service Management Community Announcement: https://community.broadcom.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MID=800425#bma03b29cf-2ef9-4508-808e-db5e6d4d725c

The following error message is seen within CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server 6.2:

Error Message: License Failed Invalid License. Enterprise Commercial license expired on 10/01/18 1:59 pm Please contact Jaspersoft Technical Support)



CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server 6.2
All Supported Windows Operating Systems


An updated CA Business Intelligence JasperReports Server 6.2 license can be downloaded from CA Support Online.

Please follow these steps:

1. Login to Support Online (https://casupport.broadcom.com/)

2. Click on Download Management and select the “Download by Solution ID” green link at the top of the screen.

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3. Enter Solution # SO01458 in the search field and it will bring up the license file to download. ​

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4. Click Download Now. ​

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5. The instructions for replacing the license file are at https://casupport.broadcom.com/download-center/solution-detail.html?aparNo=SO01458&os=WINDOWS

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