Deployments page not showing all the deployments
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Deployments page not showing all the deployments


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


We notice that in Releases-->Deployments  page, just a limited amount of deployments are showing. 
  1. What is the criteria for this? We noticed that the page does a REST call to "releasesReportsPage" report asking for "reportType=ALL". Searching in the CA communities posts I found that making a REST call asking for "reportType=ALL_INCLUDE_OFFLINE" would bring all the deployments. 
  1. Can this be configured to show all the deployments?


CA Release Automation 6.4 and below


CA Release Automation 6.4 and below used criteria that was not all inclusive and had an impact on performance. In version 6.5 the performance issue was improved and the criteria was logical.


  1. In regards to the criteria used to get the data. It is/was as follows:
Pre 6.5 Recent Filter: 
- Not yet started 
- Recently Completed 
- Recently started (even if not completed) 

Post 6.5 Recent Filter: 
- Recently started deployments that have completed (success, failed, cancelled). 
- Impact: Fewer deployments will be seen in the view - i.e., pending and running will not be seen (but they have their own view). 

Pre 6.5 All Deployments filter: 
- Same definition as the Recent filter 
- Also added the results of the Pending, Running, and Approval filters - regardless of date. 

Post 6.5 All Deployments Filter: 
- All deployments 
  1. Regarding whether or not it can be configured to return all deployments.
    • In version 6.5 and above the deployments page which show all deployments now.
    • In regards to configuring it - there are no specific configuration options outside of the filters offered through the page for application and state of deployments that you want to see. For configurable options/filters please use the Deployment Overview report.