Creating a Universe with more 50000 nodes
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Creating a Universe with more 50000 nodes


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


The default is to create a Universe with 50,000 nodes. Is it possible to alter this value ? If yes, how can I do this?


APM 10.x.


. Team Center mapping is technically restricted to displaying a maximum of 50000 nodes. In practical terms, it becomes difficult to navigate a map of even several hundred nodes.

So one should not need to go above 50,000 nodes in one universe. In addition, there is not a configuration setting to set the number of nodes per specific universes . (Including the out of the box default universes.)

Application Performance Management is configured to display maps with a maximum of 50,000 nodes to maintain performance. Beyond that limit, data is clamped.

Additional Information

Note: (default is 50000) 

Max. count of nodes that can be returned from graph service. When the limit is exceeded empty graph is returned and user should use filter to reduce the result set. 

This clamps the result of a topological query so it is evaluated on a per universe context.