Why do Transactions Display as Incomplete in AXA?
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Why do Transactions Display as Incomplete in AXA?


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CA App Experience Analytics


App Experience Analytics (AXA) can monitor mobile transactions as described here: https://docops.ca.com/ca-app-experience-analytics-digital-experience-insights-from-ca/ga/en/using/app-transactions

In AXA, there are a high number of incomplete transactions. How can I correct this?


AXA Saas and On Premise Version 17.x


There are two ways transactions are started in AXA. The first is manually by invoking the startApplicationTransaction and stopApplicationTransaction api methods (more information here: https://docops.ca.com/ca-app-experience-analytics-digital-experience-insights-from-ca/ga/en/using/using-apis). When using the API, be aware that nesting startApplicationTransaction calls can lead to incomplete transactions. For example, if a transaction t1 starts transaction t2, ending transaction t1 does not complete t2. This transaction must also make a stopApplicationTransaction call to be complete. 

In addition to transaction started from the API, AXA also automatically tracks transactions. This behavior is defined in the app profile under "Manage Apps" --> <App> --> Edit Profile. For example: 
Mobile transactions
  •  Automated
  •  Instrumented
Un-checking "Automated" and saving the profile disables automatic transactions if these are not wanted.