Deleting Jobs from VAIM Queue
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Deleting Jobs from VAIM Queue


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CA Server Automation CA Virtual Assurance for IM


  • Currently trying to deploy Windows SysEDGE agent.
  • Created the job and submitted yesterday afternoon.
  • The job is still in "delivering" state and won't complete.
  • Tried to resubmit the job and that did not work.
  • Tried to cancel the job and that did not work.
  • Restarted all VAIM Services but jobs still at 0% in "delivering" state.

  • Hung jobs can sometimes cause all future deployments to fail.
  • Delete hung jobs from VAIM queue.


Component: VPMGEN


1. Stop CA SM Domain Server Service and Close Browser.

2. Make backup copy of audit.dat file (C:\ProgramData\CA\SM\domainserver\data)

3. Download "delete jobs from VAIM.txt" file attached to this document to the root of C:\ as "delete.txt"

4. Replace job ids within delete.txt with the job ids for the hung jobs in the queue.

5. Run the following

C:\Program Files (x86)\SQLite ODBC Driver>sqlite3 C:\ProgramData\CA\SM\domainser
ver\data\audit.dat < C:\delete.txt

6. Start CA SM Domain Server Service.

7. Clear Browser Cache completely before logging into VAIM UI and Jobs should be removed.

8. Re-submit VAIM Deployment jobs.


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