Can't save tickets in CA SDM. "Error calling add_ast, cannot process sla bopevt"
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Can't save tickets in CA SDM. "Error calling add_ast, cannot process sla bopevt"


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


When attempting to save a Service Desk Manager ticket, receive an error similar to:

"Error calling add_ast, cannot process sla bopevt.spl:evt::do_new_att_event | bopevt.spl:388:evt::new_attached_event_obj | sla.spl:2436:attached_sla::add_ast Arg 3 of type NIL: expected overide_duration of type DURATION"


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


The Service Type joined to the ticket contains Events with the "Allow time resetting"  field not selected.

The attribute  "Allow time resetting" (evt.user_settime) allows the user (or system) to override the fire time (delay time) that is defined for an event.

For example, when users add an event to a Service Type, they can redefine the fire time for the event only if the user_settime flag is set.  Otherwise, the fire time defined in the event is used.

The system allows the user to create the event with "user_settime" as 0, however the system does not allow such events to be added to the service type.

Once the service type is created with an event having "user_settime=1", it can be used inside any Service Type. 


Review the event related to the Service Type affected. The field "Allow time resetting" should is selected:

Additional Information

The information can be verified via a SQL query against the MDB database:

select sym from evt where user_settime=0

The events used in the Service Type should not be shown in the results of the query as they should have value=1.