logmon QoS capability broken when using MCS
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logmon QoS capability broken when using MCS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


logmon QoS capability broken when using MCS.  Cannot add new QOS metrics

Steps to Reproduce 
1- Login to UMP 
2- Navigate to a robot/device
3- Go to the "Monitoring" tab. 
Select "Log Monitoring", click '+' 
4- Fill out the details 
Active = yes 
Mode = "Updates" 
Log File or Command: "/root/LogFile.txt" 

Click "Create" button 

5- On the left pane, click '+' to add a new Watcher Rule 
Provide a Profile Name for the Watcher Rule definition 
6- Create a "Variable" and on the Profile detail, 
notice you cannot add a QoS Metric Target or QoS Metric Name. 
This is the problem.


UIM 8.51 sp1 
logmon probe version 3.92 
logmon MCS templates version 4.0 
mon_config_service 8.52 
Windows Server 
MS SQL Server Database 


QOS attributes created through the Infrastructure Manager console are not available in MCS.

To create QOS attributes using Monitoring Configuration Services, please follow these steps:
1- Login to UMP 
2- Select the device or group you want to enable logmon for. 
3- Go to the Monitoring tab. 
4- From the list, select "Setup logmon" and click the "+" sign 
5- Click the "Create" button 
6- Now in the menu tree, under "Setup logmon", expand the "Setup logmon" node. 
7- Click the "+" next to the "QoS Definition" 
Now, we can create a QOS definition.