DSM Reporter Domain Direct Reporting Error
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DSM Reporter Domain Direct Reporting Error


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DSM Reporter started throwing error while running daily report for 1 DM, for other DMs it is working fine. Below is the error.

Additional rows may be hidden due to user rights. This result was created using Direct Domain Reporting. This result is limited to selected Domains. The result is filtered. One or more Domains did not respond during reporting.



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This issue can occur when there is either a problem with the current ca_itrm user account (in which case there will be other issues on the DM side) or when the cached copy of the CA_ITRM password in the COMSTORE is corrupt or incorrect on the Domain Manager.

The DSM Reporter trace on the Enterprise Server can confirm this as the following lines or traces similar to the below can be found:

11:03:45.9808163L|006624|00001db4|REPORTER |amBase |cAmoDomain.cpp |001713|ERROR | Connect to Database DMPRODA with username ca_itrm failed


11:03:45.9800539L|006624|00001db4|REPORTER |CDb |DbImpl_Oracle.cpp |000465|DETAIL | CDb_Oracle::OCISessionbegin fail ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied


Assuming the Domain Manager is working properly locally and the CA_ITRM account is not locked, you can simply reset the cached CA_ITRM password by opening an administrative command prompt on the Domain Manager and running the following command with CAF running:


When the command runs, it will verify the supplied password is correct and can connect to the database. If all is well, an 'OK' message will be shown at the completion of command execution.