VANTAGE Windows Client - Adobe Not Supported
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VANTAGE Windows Client - Adobe Not Supported


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


CM_AdobeSVGViewer6.0Win10_D01 will not be moving forward to Windows 10 as Adobe have discontinued this product. 

Can the Windows Client product be used without Adobe or is there a supported version to include when moving to Windows 10?



Component: VANT


Windows Client (WC) can be used without Adobe SVG Viewer, but the WC Home page and web publishing feature will not work.
Customer needs not worry about this situation however. Adobe SVG Viewer is always installed alongside WC and thus the functionality dependent on the viewer will always work.
The fact Adobe discontinued Adobe SVG Viewer does not affect Windows Client (WC) in any way.

Currently there is no CA Vantage Windows client setup file that does not contain Adobe SVG viewer. The circumvention available is to uninstall the Adobe SVG viewer program to remove the security vulnerability.