PeopleSoft Jobs Stuck in Running
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PeopleSoft Jobs Stuck in Running


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


After a restart of the Applications Manager PeopleSoft agent jobs remain stuck in a Running status. A review of PeopleSoft AgentService.log shows the following error message.

PSF-FIN: Error processing job <JOBID>
Timer-4: AwE-5102
ErrorMsg: AwE-5102 Agent error
Details: Error processing job : <JOBID>
PeopleSoft error : NULL job. Job not properly defined. : null




The <JOBID> referenced in the error message must be removed from the backlog.

This can be done from the Applications Manager client Explorer Window. From the Explorer Window navigate to the Backlog tab.

The Backlog can then be searched by <JOBID>.

The Running job can be removed by right clicking and selecting 'Kill' option. 

Once Job is Killed, right click again and select 'Delete'.

This will remove the stuck job from the backlog and restore processing of PeopleSoft jobs.