OneClick does not display properly
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OneClick does not display properly


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CA Spectrum


You may experience OneClick Java Console may show incorrect information or some information may be missing. Some examples may be, the Help does not show the proper version,
   or in some Dialog Boxes the listed Landscapes may be missing, or Global Collection view may not be proper. The issues of display in OneClick Java Console may vary so there is not
   one single display issue to be aware of. 



Component: SPCAEM


From time to time, especially after an Upgrade or Reinstall of Spectrum or OneClick, the Java Cache on the workstations used to display the OC Java Console may have an incompatible

 version of Java installed, or may have an issue within the Java Cache.


The suggestion to resolve display issues in OneClick is as follows: 

1. Clear all Java Cache and restart OC Java Console:

- on Windows machines used to display OneClick, close all instances of OneClick Console

- then access Java Control Panel via Windows Control Panel

- on General Tab click "Settings" then click "Delete Files"

- tick all boxes including "Installed Applications" and click Apply

- relaunch OneClick Console

2. Verify OneClick functions with shipped version of JRE

- close all instances of OneClick Console

- Uninstall all versions of Java on the Windows workstation

- go to OneClick Admin web page > Home page > Install JRE

- download and install the JRE that ships with the version of Spectrum you are running

- after JRE is installed, relaunch OneClick Console

- if display issue is resolved, you may try downloading and installing latest version of JRE or the version of JRE supported in your environment

‚Äč- on OneClick Admin web page, go to Administration > OneClick Client Configuration - add the version of JRE you wish to use

- close and reopen OneClick Console to verify display issue is still resolved or not. If Display issue returns from installing upgraded JRE, then that
     version of JRE may not be compatible with the version of Spectrum/OneClick you are using. While Spectrum SE make best effort to support all
     new JRE versions, we can only test for versions shipped with Spectrum.  Please contact support with questions on supported JRE versions. 

3. Verify OneClick has enough memory resources and restart Tomcat

- on OneClick Admin web page, go to Administration > OneClick Client Configuration

- Increase Maximum Client memory Usage to 4096MB

- on Administration > Web Server Memory, increase Tomcat memory to 4096

- restart Tomcat service

- NOTE: RAM resources must be available on the workstation for these changes to take place - minimum RAM requirements for OneClick = 8GB. 

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