How to change UMP IP Address
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How to change UMP IP Address


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


How to change UMP IP Address


Any UIM/UMP Version


First check local robot configuration files on the ump server

- robot.cfg under robot folder
make sure that
1. robotip has been modified to reflect change of local ip address, if obsolete ip address has been assigned to robotip, otherwise leave robotip as empty

- you may need to manually revalidate probes in the ump server
1. Open IM and select ump robot
2. Right click on the probes (in red) and select Security->Validate

- If you have configured https on wasp probe or performed any customization for underlying liferay

check for any ip address used.

Also for https you might use a certificate issued for local ip address only, in this case you might import a new certificate for your new ip address to replace the existing.

- Before changing the ip address of UMP server, deactivate wasp probe.
After ip address has been changed, restart this robot and open hub configurations window, switch to Robots tab and check this robot is taking a new ip address.

If this robot is back in normal status, restart wasp probe.