BSI screen is becoming unresponsive while creating adapters
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BSI screen is becoming unresponsive while creating adapters


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CA Business Service Insight


On creating SQL adapters and at the "Data Source Interface" the TEST QUERY button becomes unresponsive. and a blank pop-up is displayed.


CA Business Service Insight 8.3.5


Large amount of data is queried (nearly 10 million) and this has caused the latency in response and eventually timeout.


Workaround ececuted to identify the root cause

1. Ran the query on SQL database (backend)
2. Noted the query is fetching huge amount of records
3. Query is submitted in UI, however requested to display a max of 10 records.
Note: Even though 10 records are requested to be displayed on BSI UI page, the underlying DB statement is querying for the entire data.
4. The BSI UI was timing out in caching the data and subsequently and display the blank page in the pop-up window
5. Suggested to modify the query to fetch limited records per requirement