WA Agent Version and installed Plugin Verification
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WA Agent Version and installed Plugin Verification


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Workload Automation Agent


Workload Agent:

We have installed the Workload Agent product release and we want to verify whether this is a 32-bit or 64-bit release of the Agent? 

We also want to know the Service Pack and Build level and the Plugins installed on the Agent.


Workload Agent Release 11.4 on Linux


You can use the "cybAgent -vv" (double v) command to verify the exact release, Service Pack and Build level" of Workload Agent as well as the plugins installed on the Agent.

To run this command, you need to change the directory to the Agent installation directory.


$ cd /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/SystemAgent/WA_AGENT

$ ./cybAgent -vv
CA Workload Automation Agent for:
   Linux x86_64 64-bit
   11.4, Service Pack 00, Maintenance Level 0, Build 1609

Enabled plug-in(s):
   - runner
   - router
   - filemon
   - objmon
   - filebrowser
   - ftp
   - Database

Enabled Advanced Integration(s):

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