JasperReports Server - How to change the database server name and password?
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JasperReports Server - How to change the database server name and password?


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In some circumstances administrators have to point JasperReports Server to another database e.g. disaster recovery, moving the database server or any other maintenance action. Sometimes it is also necessary to change the database password e.g. SQL Server.


JasperReports Server 7.1.0
JasperReports Server 6.4.3
JasperReports Server 6.3.0


IMPORTANT: Make sure Apache Tomcat is stopped before any action.

(1) Go to C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CA Business Intelligence\buildomatic

(2) Edit default_master.properties (search for the js.dbName parameter):

(3) Edit the js.dbName parameter for the database name you want to configure. Make sure the dbUsername and dbPassword are the same and there is no change for those parameters. If you need to change the password, you can enter the new password as plain text in the dbPassword parameter. If you are doing that, remove the line encrypt.done=true and add encrypt=true. It will encrypt the plain text password you just set.

(4) Run the command js-ant refresh-config in order to create a new context file:
This will remove and recreate all the configuration files without deploying them to the application server.
(5) Once done, get the context file from: C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CA Business Intelligence\buildomatic\build_conf\default\webapp\META-INF\context.xml and replace the one in C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CA Business Intelligence\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\META-INF

(6) Now you can restart JasperReports Server pointing to the new database or new password.