Eprivate Considerations
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Eprivate Considerations


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


CA, can you point me the manual (or other info) that will advise us how to reduce OPS/MVS Eprivate (and/or) CSA usage? We're trying to optimize the product installation a little better than we currently do. Any suggestions?


Component: OPSMVS


Using CCI for communications lowers private and Eprivate utilization quite a bit, since APPC uses 2 tasks per connection whereas using CCI only has one task no matter how many connections. Compare AOFSIZE to AOFWSHIGHUSED. If they are drastically different, lowering AOFSIZE will also lower eprivate useage. Also, reviewing all parameters starting with INIT, to verify you are using these features, since there is overhead involved for features that aren't used but have INITxxx = YES. Also, if you don't use EPI then EPICMDQUESIZE can be set to 0 in you're OPSSPA00 or equivalent.