Verifying Fix Levels for Modules through SYSVIEW
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Verifying Fix Levels for Modules through SYSVIEW


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When troubleshooting issues surrounding maintenance, SMP/e is an effective tool to quickly assess your mainframe product software levels. Sometimes though, System Programmers need to validate that the maintenance APPLYd to a CSI has been rolled out to the environment. To ensure this is an easy process, SYSVIEW customers can utilize a sequence of commands to quickly achieve this check.


Release: 16.0 SYSVIEW-Performance Management; 15.0 SYSVIEW-Performance Management
Component: ALL


The SYSVIEW LISTMODS command can be used to list the status of Sysview modules. SYSVIEW modules which are dynamically loaded will not reflect the fix level for the module until after a user has issued a command which uses the module. LISTMOD is particularly effective to ensure APPLYd PTFs have been successfully copied to the product runtime CMN4BLOD member.

For the example below, we're going to look for R16.0 PTF SO10680:

Once in the LISTMODS panel, issue a "F SO10680" and confirm there are two modules with this FixLevel:

Module   Rels Bld  AsmDate  AsmTm Description        Status   Epaddr   Type      FixLevel MacLv AsmUser  Owner  
GSV@CMDT 16.0 0990 11/04/19 06:42 Command table      LINKED   3C8D3308 NUCLEUS   SO10680  SP724 SYSV160  SYSVIEW
GSV@FLDT 16.0 0990 11/04/19 06:42 Field table        LINKED   3C8D3620 NUCLEUS   SO10680  SP724 SYSV160  SYSVIEW

Issue "LINK DUMP GSV@FLDT" and confirm RMID(SO10680) is in the eyecatcher. That will tell you for sure that the fix is applied to SYSVIEW.

Additional Information

  • CA SYSVIEW will not check fix levels of modules that have not been loaded.
  • PTFs that are SUPBY a higher PTF will not show within LISTMODs. This is a good indication that SUP'd maintenance isn't APPLYd
  • For more information, access SYSVIEW's help panel from the LISTMOD panel