first new cdm package fails to update thresholds
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first new cdm package fails to update thresholds


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


cdm on a robot is not updating as expected after distribution of a custom configuration package.


- UIM 8.5.1
- cdm 6.20


- Configuration package creation process/sequence of the process


To configure a given cdm probe with the desired configuration settings, here is one way of accomplishing this:

1. Drag and drop the package into the local archive on the Primary hub ('Configuration Only')
2. Rt-click the cdm.cfx and choose 'Save As' and save it to the desktop/convenient location for later import.
3. Change the directives to overwrite (in this case to overwrite the threshold values for cpu, memory and disk.
4. To deselect a given monitor, e.g., delete the 'active = yes' tags.

Note that each section/tag, e.g., <cpu> requires an overwrite directive.

5. Once the cdm.cfx file was edited and saved as 'All Files' and as the name cdm.cfx, we then went back to the IM interface and rt-clicked to delete the existing cdm.cfx and then rt-clicked to 'Add File' and browsed to import the newly created/edited cdm.cfx.
6. Then we clicked Ok.
7. Then we distributed the package to the target robot and checked the settings to ensure they were changed.

Example extract of cdm.cfx section:

<cpu> overwrite
         active = yes
   <alarm> overwrite
         active = yes
      <error> overwrite
         active = yes
         threshold = 95
         description = Total cpu above error threshold
         message = CpuErrorProcesses
      <warning> overwrite
         active = yes
         threshold = 85
         description = Total cpu above warning threshold
         message = CpuWarningProcesses
<memory> overwrite
        <alarm> overwrite
        <physical error> overwrite
         threshold = 95
         description = Physical memory usage above error threshold
         message = PhysicalError
      </physical error>
      <physical warning> overwrite
        threshold = 85
         description = Physical memory usage above warning threshold
         message = PhysicalWarning
      </physical warning>