Oracle Retail Job unable to match log file
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Oracle Retail Job unable to match log file


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


SAIMPTLOGI - The err.saimptlogi_1.* exists, but the agent is unable to match it after running an Oracle Retail Job. 


12.0.3 RA Core (Agent binaries)
2.0.0+build. 18 Oracle Retail Solution


This behavior has been identified as incorrect, and will be fixed with a future release. 


This issue has been fixed with the release with the following solution, currently available on the download center (

RA.Oracle.Retail Solution 2.1.1

Additional Information

As a workaround, use a post process script to register the output.

Documentation: output


The following sample script of a Windows job writes the file list of the directory C:\temp to the file C:\temp\test.txt. The system then verifies whether the command could successfully be executed. If so, this file is registered as job output. Otherwise, the job aborts.

dir C:\temp /S >> C:\temp\test.txt 
@set retcode=%errorlevel% ! 
@if NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 goto :retcode 
:REGISTER_OUTPUTFILE "C:\temp\test.txt", "N"

When defining an external interpreter, copy the register.outputfile element to its own client. The Automation Engine will use this version and will not overwrite it when delivering new initial data. A Perl example is shown below:

:if &$EXT_INTERPRETER# = 'PERL' or 'perl' or 'Perl'
system("&UC_JOBMD JNR=&UC_REALNR MNR=&UC_MANDANT PNR=&UC_IP_PORT IPA=&UC_IP_ADR TYP=O ULOGIN=&uc_register_ulogin OUTFILE=\"&uc_register_ofile\"");