UIM probes without checksum
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UIM probes without checksum


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Sometimes, during the download, a probe package may become corrupted for unknown reasons. Therefore it's very important to see the checksum to ensure the package is safe to install.

In some cases, the checksums are added in the probe Release Notes in support.nimsoft.com > Archive.

But, many probes do not contain these parameters.

Also, they are not included in the UIM official documentation



Windows machines


As shown above, not all the packages on support.nimsoft.com carry the checksums. Moreover, they are not added into the UIM official product documentation. However, if you want to verify that a package is corruption and issues free there is a way to obtain its checksum. Please follow these steps:

* download the package from support.nimsoft.com to the Downloads folder
* execute 'C:\Users\user_name\Downloads>certutil -hashfile package_name.zip


* if you want to obtain the MD5 checksum, please add MD5 at the end of the command.

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