CA-view (SAR) abends due to S413-08 error during daily archive
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CA-view (SAR) abends due to S413-08 error during daily archive


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CA-view (SAR) abends due to S413-08 error of last backup tape during daily archive.


Release: OUTDTI00200-14.0-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO


This is actually an issue with IBM RMM, to summarize thus:

RMM rejected the mount because we checked the volume record if it is a SCRATCH tape.
The problem is that we addressed the dataset record instead of the volume record when we did the check.
That is the reason why RMM thinks that the tape is SCRATCH although it is MASTER.
Contact IBM RMM support.

The IBM fixes that seem to be in error are OA54871 and OA55518 .


While waiting for an IBM solution to be provided, in View:

 . Review the SARINIT parameters, for parameter STORGRP0.
 . . Example STORGRP0=//00250/349V,349V/,

 . . Above, the 00250 value refers to the MAXGENT field:
  . . . Defined: The maximum number of generations that can be written to one tape volume.
  . . . The minimum value is 1. The maximum value is 65535.The default is 10.
  . . . The Standard Backup Cycle specifies that the new tape generation resides on the same tape as the previous generation, provided there is room on the tape and the maximum number of generations per tape (MAXGENT initialization parameter) is not exceeded.

 . In this example, an attempt is made to place a maximum of 00250 generations or reports on a tape.

 . If the Standard backup fails with the error every day, set the MAXGENT value to 1.
 . A MAXGENT value of 1 will place only 1 Generation on a tape. With this, each Standard Backup cycle will call for new tapes rather than call for tapes used in the previous generation.