E230 Server error - Request Timed out
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E230 Server error - Request Timed out


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Output Management Document Viewer


A few of our CA DocView 2.1 users started getting E230 Server Error - Request timed out. We are not able to get around this. Uninstalling/reinstalling does not correct the Problem/Error: Release: 2.1 OS: Windows 7 Change of Environment: No.  Production system


Component: DVPC


Update Document Viewer and CCIPC to most current maintenance levels. Also seeing success in creating new Windows profiles to fix the problem.

Additional Information

There's not much more Support can provide without seeing the DRAS STC output from the period where users are getting the "E230 Server error - Request Timed out" message. There is only the one Document Viewer Registry setting, and the customer found that. The recommendation is still to make sure you're running with the latest Document Viewer updates, especially the CAVW.exe and Recipient.dll ones (they're included in the maintenance updates previously referenced). 
. . Where a Document Viewer profile/configuration file is concerned, there is one. It's called sarpcw.ini and it's typically in the C:\Windows folder. There's not much in this profile/configuration file that should impact this problem, but you should make sure the application can (has permission to) update it when necessary.