Installing CA Spectrum to Linux Host per sudoers configuration
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Installing CA Spectrum to Linux Host per sudoers configuration


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Installing CA Spectrum with SRAdmin per sudoers fails.

Using "sdiclinux" frontend installation tool shows message:
<hostnameA>:  SPC-INT-20074: Insufficient privileges on <hostnameA>
CA Spectrum install requires for Linux platform installation "root"(administrative) permission for the "connection user" context. 
The CA Spectrum install is a 2tier installation process with frontend installation tool (GUI or cmd-line tool / sdic* or setup* - i.e. at <hostA> ) connecting to backend installation tool/sradmin service at i.e. <hostB>.
The connection is a TCP-based communication using the "connection user" context given by the frontend installation tool to validate context at the backend sradmin service.

Once the required permission for the "connection user" context is validated by the backend sradmin service, then the install starts by sending the installation/media data from the frontend tool at <hostA> to the sradmin service at <hostB>. The install then is executed by the backend sradmin service and is finally modified as appropriate to be owned by the Spectrum installation owner account. 


This applies to all supported CA Spectrum releases when installing CA Spectrum to a Linux host.


Follow instructions from the CA Spectrum documentation - find this i.e. from:

In the CA Spectrum documentation search for "SRAdmin Installation Methods" / section "Grant Limited Root Permissions (Linux)"
This covers advice to create a "sudoers" symbolic link in the "SRAdmin" installation directory to file "sradmin_conf" created under /etc/sudoers.d/sradmin_conf then.

The important item is the content for the "sudoers" file - which covers per single line:

<username> <client_host> = <path_to_sraadmin>/sradmin.exe

This is a bit different from the "standard" of using "sudo"/"sudoers" - so this line covers then:

This is the "Connection User" for the frontend install tool to connect to the "sradmin". This is not the Spectrum installation user/account.

This is the "hostname" on which the install-frontend app runs. Not the destination/local hostname on which "sradmin" runs.
Means - in case frontend installer app (GUI or sdic) runs on <hostA> - and NOT destination (install) host is <hostB>

This is the path where "sradmin" (backend install tool) is installed on the Destination Host ( <hostB> )

spectrum <hostA>=/opt/SRAdmin/sradmin.exe

Additional Information

In case the "sudoers" configuration is not appropriate you may find the following error/messages returned by the frontend installation tool:

Using " sdiclinux " frontend installation tool shows message :

<hostnameA>: SPC-INT-20074: Insufficient privileges on <hostnameA>
<hostnameA>: Spectrum Installation requires either ROOT access, SUDO privileges or Administrator privileges.
             Please see the Spectrum Installation Guide (Document number 5136) for more information regarding SUDO. 

Using GUI setup frontend installation tool shows message(popup message box):
     Unable to Connect
     Unable to connect to CA Spectrum Remote Administration Daemon (sradmin).
   SPC-INT-20026: Unable to authenticate with SRADmin on <hostnameA>

Running at the install destination host <hostB> the "sudo -l" command is misleading. This may not show the "Spectrum-related sudoers" configuration as it refers to the context of this user/account on this host. So "sudo -l" does not show any config but the install works due to the Spectrum internal code. Along with this, the "sudo" logging at OS-level will not show a "sudo" action during install too.