Export to CSV does not work for Multi Dimensional portlet
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Export to CSV does not work for Multi Dimensional portlet


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For Multi Dimensional portlets, data cannot be exported in CSV format.

Steps to reproduce:  

Create the Lookups: 
  • Create a Static Lookup, with ID: CSP_RPT_RES_UNIT_TYPE and Name: Report (FTE, Hours) 
  • Go to the "Values" tab, and add 2 values for the lookup: HOURS and FTE (Name and ID both). 
  • Create a static lookup with ID: XXGF_SLICE_PERIOD_TYPE_NEW and Name: Slice Period. 
  • Go to the "Values" tab and add 2 values with names Monthly and Weekly and IDs m and w respectively. 

Create the Query: 
  • Create a query with Name: My Allocation and ID: my_allocation. 
  • Add this attached NSQL query in the "NSQL" tab. 
  • Then Save and go to the Attributes tab. 
  • Click on the param_slice_type and select the extended data type as Lookup-String. 
  • Select that "Slice Period" lookup for this attribute and Save. 
  • Similarly, select "Report (FTE, Hours)" lookup for the attribute "param_fte_hours" and Save. 

Create the portlet: 
  • Create a Grid Portlet with Name: My Allocation and ID: my_allocation. 
  • Add the "My Allocation" query as the DATA PROVIDER. Save and continue. 
  • Select alloc as the Y Axis. Save and continue. Finish and Open. 
  • Now go to the List Column Section --> Layout. 
  • Arrange the columns in this order: inv_id, inv_name, pravailstart, pravailfinish, [Data Columns]* 
  • Now, go to List Filter Section tab and click on Layout subpage. 
  • Select these attributes for the left column: param_fte_hours, param_slice_type and inv_type. 
  • Select these attributes for the right column: param_start_date and param_end_date. 
  • Click ob SAVE. 
  • Go to the List Filter Section --> Fields page. 
  • Click on the Properties icon corresponding to the inv_type attribute. 
  • Select the display type from Pull Down to Browse. 
  • Make this field multi-select as well. 
  • Click on Save and Return. 
  • Now do the same thing for the param_fte_hours and param_slice_type attributes. 
  • Go to the properties and change the display type to Browse and Save. 

Use the Portlet: 
  • Add the portlet to any of the tabs of the "Overview" Portlet Page. 
  • Now, go to the page where the portlet is added. 
  • Expand the filter section of the portlet so that you can enter the conditions. 
  • Select HOURS as the param_fte_hours, Monthly as param_slice_type, Idea and Project as inv_type. 
  • param_start_date should be 1 January 2018 and param_end_date will be 31 December 2018. 
  • Click on filter. 
  • The portlet shows the results. 
  • Click on the Cog wheel icon and select Export to CSV. 

Expected Result: Data is exported to CSV file. 
Actual Result: The CSV file does not contain any data. 


CA PPM 15.2, 15.3 15.4, 15.4.1


Due to defect DE44227


The development team is looking into this defect. Hope we will be having a fix for the same soon.