Approvers in multiple Endevor Approver groups not approving all groups
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Approvers in multiple Endevor Approver groups not approving all groups


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We have a situation where a person could be in multiple approver groups. If the package requires any number of these approver groups, I want all approver groups to be marked approved if the approver is in all approval groups. How do I do this?

For example:  USER1 and USER2 are in Endevor Approval groups GROUP1 and GROUP2. The package requires both approval groups. Only GROUP1 is being marked APPROVED when USER1 approves the package. We want both GROUP1 and GROUP2 to be approved. Instead USER2 has to also approve the package before GROUP2 is marked APPROVED as well.

The approver groups are set up as external approver groups.


Component: ENDBAS


When an approver approves a package, all the Approver groups the approver is in will be updated as this approver has approved it. 

There are a couple possible reasons that the package is still in In-approval status instead of Approved status -
1)  One of the Approver groups has a Quorum greater than 1 which would require 1 or more approvers to approve the package to fulfill the quorum. 
2)  Verify that the Approver's ids are defined in all applicable Approver Groups in the external security package. Update the external groups as necessary.