How can I change the group name in url response probe
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How can I change the group name in url response probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have a group containing profiles in the url_response probe.  I would like to change the name.  What options do I have?


Component: UIMURL


There are two options:

1. You can create a new group with the correct name and move the profiles to the new group.

   a. Edit one profile.

   b. In the General Properties box, select the Group drop down.

   c. Select New Group.

   d. Type the new group name and save the profile.

   e. Cntl-click on the groups that you would like to move.

   f. Right-click and then chose Move to group.

   g. Select the new group you created and click OK.

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2. You can open the url_response.cfg file and manually change the group name.  Each profile will have an entry for group and would need to be replaced.

   In editing the url_response.cfg file, you can search for the following string:

       group = <OldGroupName>

   and replace it with:

       group = <NewGroupName>

Additional Information

In the url_response probe, groups are not an entity that can be edited.  A group name is a property of a profile.  You can see this in the Raw Configure as well.