SOG definition tab hangs
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SOG definition tab hangs


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When navigating to the service option group definition of my defined options it hangs indefinitely and cannot access it. There are many definitions inside this one.


Component: USVCT


Generally this will be caused because the "onLoad" scripts for each of the forms in each of the offerings inside that group are being loaded when it loads this group up in the definitions. You may need to debug and find out which scripts are taking a long time to run.


First, as a workaround you could hit f12, go to the debug tab of the browser and click the stop button, then tell it to stop on all exceptions. This allows us to edit the group easily. For testing further you can create an empty group and add offerings one by one then test after each one to see which scripts have problems or run slow.

Second, in many cases we found this is caused by script calls referencing objects which are not available when not in a specific request.
For example"
In an OnLoad script that had ca_reportQuery in it that passed the as a parameter that seemed to be hanging up the UI loading them in the SOG screen.
In this case, just added if(_.request.status>0) before those queries so they wouldn't trigger in that UI.


Additional Information

In addition to improving performance of the SOG, this may help performance within form designer if you add this conditional to prevent scripts from running when you are not in an actual request. The downside would be that you could no longer debug within form designer. So this should be used cautiously.