Agile Central - On-premises: Can I change the hostname of my appliance?
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Agile Central - On-premises: Can I change the hostname of my appliance?


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Is it supported to change the hostname of my on-premise appliance?


Component: ACPREM


While our documentation no longer warns against changing the hostname of your Agile Central on-premise appliance, it is not supported to change the name and can result in a number of systems failing to start if it has been changed.

Changing the name can cause failures in the following systems:
  • Solr
  • Analytics
  • Oracle
  • LDAP
If the analytics service fails to start, you will see errors when navigating to the reports page:
The Reporting Service is Currently Unavailable

If the Solr service fails to start, you may have troubles performing searches in your appliance

If the Oracle service fails to start, your primary Agile Central service will not start and you will not be able to log into the appliance at all.

If LDAP fails to work correctly, there may be issues with the on premise appliance creating new user accounts.
Performing a 'Run Report' will result in the following error:
Date: 10/02/2018
Time: 10:40

There was an error connecting to Rally.
Please re-run report.

Additional Information

To check and resolve the hostname of your appliance, please see the following article
How to restore the default hostname of the appliance