Adding your own certificate to webreckeys.ks file
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Adding your own certificate to webreckeys.ks file


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How to add your own certificate to webreckeys.ks file


All supported DevTest releases




To add your own certificate to the default webreckeys.ks file. Please find below are the steps: 

 1. Export the certificate from the server keystore 

keytool -exportcert -rfc -alias serverA -keystore keyStore.ks -file serverA.cer 

The -rfc means to export the certificate as ASCII text rather than binary. 

ServerA- name of the server 
serverA.cer - name of the certificate 
keyStore.ks - keyStore file name 

2. Add current certificate (serverA.cer) to the lisa keystore file (webreckeys.ks) 

keytool -importcert -file serverA.cer -keystore webreckeys.ks 

It will ask for the password while adding certificate to webreckeys.ks file. Password is : passphrase 

Additional Information

NOTE: It is not recommended to use webreckeys.ks for your certificates, because if an upgrade in place is done this file will get overridden.

It is best to create and use your own keystore.  Refer to this link: Enable HTTPS and SSL between All DevTest Components