Apache Tomcat keeps hanging with Web Viewer 12.1
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Apache Tomcat keeps hanging with Web Viewer 12.1


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Apache Tomcat keeps hanging and we keep having to restart the service.  No users can get to the link to log in


Component: WBVLUW


1) If you are running ENF/CCITCP at release 14.0 or 14.0, and the DRAS task recycle alone corrects your symptoms, please see if you have the CCIMVS PTFs RO90795 for CCIMVS 14.1 or RO79059 for 14.0 and apply if you do not have them on.

Also if you are running with 14.1 there is an additional PTF related to CCIMVS and DRAS Hangs, RO97199 - there was no correlating fix for r14.0. If you do not have these installed on your release of CCIMVS, that would be a good place to start. 

2) We can verify whether the CCIMVS fixes will correct this case if you are able to do the testing below and take a console dump. 

If you have not tried to recycle just one of the tasks, I would recommend trying to recycle DRAS first, but before you do, make sure the Task is responding to commands. You can do this by doing a simple file command in the DA screen like: 

/f CADRAS,Display all 

In the DRASLOG file you will find the line '++ Command ++ DISPLAY ALL' followed by the tasks full information available. Another way to see if DRAS is taking processing requests from anyone is by having the option SET MESSAGE SUPPRESSION to 'OFF'. I do request that you make that option change from "ON" to "OFF" for the duration of this case. That DRAS logging will provide us with a much better picture of what kind of requests your users are making. 

If the DRAS task is found to be unresponsive, please take a console dump of the task to TERSE and send to me for review before recycling. If you need information on taking the console dump, please let me know. 

3) Finally, there is some diagnostic logging available for Web Viewer processing on the server that will be in the /logs directory under where your CAOMWV12_HOME environment variable points. 

For example:  /usr/lpp/caomwebviewer/CAOMWV121/logs - Please adjust for your install path and environment.

Please send the populated files there named: 
ccitrace.<dates of problems>.log 
wvtrace.<dates of problems.log