Resolving a Dataview status "I2"
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Resolving a Dataview status "I2"


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After making changes to a table definition in Datadictionary, we have reformatted and reloaded the data, and now our program is getting an error with a dataview status "I2". What does this mean, and how can we fix it?


Release: IDEAL.00200-15.1-Ideal-for CA-Datacom


The Dataview status code "I2" indicates that the data returned to the dataview does not match what is in the table. It is the same as a Datacom RC 91(103), which states that the record returned contains a packed or zoned decimal field that is invalid. 

After making a change to the definition of a table, this I2 can be caused by a few different things:

  1. The data that was loaded into the table actually does not match the definition. This can happen if there is data in a previously-defined filler that is now being defined differently. Another cause is due to having a group or field that redefines this area, but with a different format.
  2. The dataview was not recatalogued after the change (if the change was to an existing element).
  3. The program was not recompiled after the dataview was catalogued.

Usually, one of these above items will resole the problem. If the problem persists after these have been checked, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom.