OID Prefix in OneClick Console shown with trailing .0
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OID Prefix in OneClick Console shown with trailing .0


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CA Spectrum


CA Spectrum allows via MIB-Tools utility to load and extend the used "MIB"-database by importing additional Vendor- or self-created MIB-Sources.

Customer now sees, that after MIB-Source import and mapping the attributes in CA Spectrum the device models will show under device components Attribute-Tab the imported OID-values for "scalar" objects (non_table objects) are listed with a trailing ".0". This is not defined the same in the MIB-source. 

So is it correct that the CA Spectrum MIB-Tools import will automatically add the trailing ".0" to the OID Prefix for the Spectrum modeling attributes?


This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms and releases.


This is a standard implementation detail to allow SNMP-get request for (any) scalar (non_table) objects.

In case of reading a "scalar object" from the Agent MIB (via SNMP) you must append ".0" to the OID-qualifier to read the value.

This is a common SNMP standard and not specific to CA Spectrum only.

In case the MIB-object is a table object then the trailing ".0" is not added which is then requiring additional logic for table read-offset (index).

Additional Information

Sample doc from the Web:  https://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/networking_2ndEd/snmp/appe_02.htm