How can I configure multiple DNS Suffixes for a PAM appliance ?
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How can I configure multiple DNS Suffixes for a PAM appliance ?


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Sometimes it is necessary for PAM to be able to recognize devices pertaining to multiple domains considering a given search order for the different domain suffixes. For instance let's imagine a new target host exists both in domain  and in another domain (the correct one) and it is configured in PAM without specifying the entire FQDN. In this case PAM resolves the wrong hostname always trying to add the suffix. 


PAM Configured Device: machineA  PAM Resolution: - 
Corrected Resolution: – 


Is it possible to add multiple domains to PAM so that when connecting to a device if searches the different domains in order ? That is, it tries first, then, etc and it returns with the right domain ?


CA PAM all versions


This is a standard Linux setting: in the resolv.conf fine of the PAM appliance, they keyword search specifies the actual order in which one must resolves the domains. 

For instance, if we specify


when a search is made for the FQDN of machineA, first it will try, then

The domains specified after the search keyword in map the contents of the Domain name box in the Configuration --> Network --> Network settings section under the PAM gui. Therefore it is just a matter of specifying

In the said menu, and that will create the required search entry in resolv.conf of PAM, thus enabling the required functionality